Molly Biz, a regular teenage girl facing the regular problems of a high school life. Molly lives a good life with a family that loves her and couldnt be happier. But when two strange boys arrive at her school her perfect world is sent spiraling out of control. They take her to a realm of dreams and force her to take the title of the Guardian. She now must protect the Human world and this strange new world from the forces of darkness. But not only dreams reside in this strange world. Can Molly face her worst nightmare and survive? Can she keep the secret about this strange world from her friends and family? Can she stop the nightmare creatures before they swallow both worlds in complete and utter darkness?

Two brothers struggle to work past their differences while embarking on a quest to rid their family of a dark curse. From frogs to kings, their journey will take them through strange encounters that test the brothers’ strength and wits. It will take everything they have to not just save their family but everyone around them! 

Alice and Grace venture into an alleged haunted lighthouse. One looks for proof of the paranormal while the other seeks to prove its nothing but a hoax. Will they find what they are looking for or will they get more than they bargained for?